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I spoke at a seminar several months ago. It's always fascinating to satisfy the people who go to these events, but this was the occasion I'd visited one once the crashof last September. Suppose the Biotech stock price increases to $43. You are $6 for that two options that you sold and also the option that you bought ends. You have lowered yourloss to only $4 per share. It's totally try after more. It's unlikely Nasdaq will hold 2,200 short-term. However, are going to does, then 2,257 but another major level of resistance. Also, it's unlikely SPX will hold 1,253short-term, which is really a multi-year level of resistance. I expect a more volatile trading range under those levels, since the volatility indices are really low.Consequently, SPX may test the 20 day MA next week, and test '

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